Astraea’s End of Treatment Party!!

Thank you for celebrating Astraea’s health and completion of her treatment with us! It’s a big day that marks the end of two and a half years of chemotherapy. We have so many to thank for our daughter’s life – The Children’s Cancer Association, the medical teams at Doernbecher and Legacy Emanuel, countless hours of research and many many lives. We would also like to thank you for witnessing and being part of this journey with us.

We have a fun evening planned on September 22nd, with casual entertainment for older and wee ones alike.

For our music together mates TEACHER ARA will be giving us some musical entertainment (maybe a sing-a-long?!?) with her bluesy-jazzy style.

Kelly Campbell of KC Puppetree will be delighting us with a performance and Karen Tobin of Tears of Joy will be providing materials to make the beautiful Healing Horses.

Come make one to take home!

Ninkasi Brewery, Kells Pub and Migration Brewery have all donated beer for the event and more is on the way! Thanks to them both!! For the wine aficionados we will have some wonderful Willamette Valley wines from Zenith Vineyards.

We also have Crave in Lake Oswego and New Cascadia bakeries to thank for some delicious birthday treats!

For something more substantial we will have light nibbles and beverages AND the amazing KOI FUSION has agreed to park their food truck on our street for the event! They are a delicious blend of Mexican & Korean and sure to cater to any palette.

Parking space is limited so please park at an angle on Birchwood Rd. Parking is available on Birchwood and SW 87th Ave. If you plan on imbibing and come without wee ones consider taking a cab and sample all the ale you like!

We will have an area to accept donations for The Children’s Cancer Association at the event. If you plan on giving a tax deductible gift, please note the list of goods the CCA has given:

Art/Craft supplies for kids/teens:

–         Art kits (Klutz all-inclusive kits, etc.)

–         Knitting/crocheting supplies & instructional books

–         Jewelry making supplies/kits

–         Nail painting kits

–         Drawing/sketch pads

–         Markers

–         Scissors

–         Glue Sticks

–         Card stock paper

–         Drawing pencils (& small pencil sharpeners)

–         Coloring Books / Markers / Crayons


–         Card games like Uno, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, etc.

–         Board games for kids/teens that you can play with two people: Monopoly, Life, Guess Who, Connect Four, Chutes and Ladders, etc.

Toys (new):

–         Dress-Up Clothes

–         Legos / Bionicles

–         Toddler Interactive Toys

–         Polly Pockets

–         Transformers

–         Littlest Pet Shop

Misc. Gift Cards for Chemo Pal Outings:

–         Movie Theaters, Chuck E Cheese, bowling alleys, the Zoo, etc.

Starbucks Cards:

–         even $5 is a treat for a family

Miscellaneous Gift Cards:

(having these gift cards on hand can help us fulfill the specific requests of the children we serve)

–         Target

–         Wal-Mart

–         Fred Meyer

–         iTunes


–         Batteries of all types

–         Percussion instruments for small hands (egg shakers, bells, small drums, small tambourines, cluster bells, wrist bells, small maracas)

–         Guitar picks

And as always, a financial contribution goes a LOOOONG way towards supporting the health and well being of a family in their time of serious need.

Please go to the CCA’s website and check out all the amazing magic they do!

Thank you!!!

We look forward to cuttin’ loose with you all! Wear your bling!!

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Methotrexate supply shortage

new York times article

Not sure what we can do but maybe contact your congress person so they can prioritize this issue.

Main jist is a major supplier of methotrexate stopped making it and now there is a shortage.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

It’s been a while since we last posted.  We’ve been out of the hospital for a while now since the last round of neutropenic fevers.  Astraea is having fun dancing, doing yoga poses, kicking soccer balls, cooking, sweeping, going to the “grocery” store, and just being a kid.  Verona is growing up super quick too and now has two teeth on the bottom.  This week we have a lot of family visiting for Thanksgiving.  It should be a wonderful time.


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out of the hospital

Astraea got to come home from the hospital on Wednesday. Fever came down, ANC started to grow a bit (but still neutropenic), and blood culture came out ok.

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The wild world spinning

Wow watching the news of Somalia and the drought and the stories and I’m speechless and sad and feel so grateful for my life… My two babies asleep in their beds, my needs met today. What ways are you all inspired to help, heal, act, hope in this wild world? I know I’m not the first parent to wonder what world my children will inherit…

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